How to Style Straight Hair

Straight Hair Tips – How to Style Straight Hair – Hair Straight Tips



Those girls who own a straight healthy hair naturally are really lucky. All would like to have straight beautiful hair, which can be maintained easily and can be molded to any attractive styles. There are lots of artificial methods to straight hair, but most of them are of high costs and have many side effects.  Here are some natural and cost effective methods which can convert your curled hair to a straight charming one. But all methods should apply on a pretty long hair which is not over curled.

Spray some pure milk all over your hair. Wash and condition your hair after 20 minutes. Repeat the same daily when you wash your hair. The change can be viewed within a month.
Never wash hair at night, choose mid afternoons for this purpose. Never comb or brush your hair when it is wet. Combing wet hair will cause damage and unhealthy curling to your hair.

Try to trim your hair at least once in two months. Split hair ends will make your naturally straight hair curled.

For straightening your hair, mix egg white with sugar powder and apply this mixture on your hair. Wash after 30 minutes.
Separate the cream of fresh coconut milk. For this, take some pure coconut milk and add some drops of lemon juice. Separate the layer of cream after refrigerating this mix. Apply the cream all over your hair. Cover it with a dry clean towel and wash after an hour.
Hot oil massage makes any kind of hair healthy. You can use olive oil or coconut oil for this. Heat this just before massaging. Massage at least for 15 minutes. You will get straight shining hair.
Beat one egg in 2 cups of milk. Dip the maximum portion of your hair in this. Wrap head with a towel, after 30 minutes shampoo your hair. Milk alone can also be applied like this way.
Castor oil can be used to straighter your hair. Apply the castor oil on your hair. Take small portions and blow hair slowly. Comb them from root to tip and tap with a dry towel.
Mix egg with yogurt. Allow them to blend well. Apply this from root to tip of your hair. After one hour, wash hair with warm water. This will make your hair straight and healthy. This mixture is a good conditioner also.
Wash your beautiful hair daily and never leave any soap content on your hair. Make sure that you have rinsed off the entire chemicals you have applied on your hair daily.


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