Skin Care Tips for Winters

Skin Care Tips for Winters , Skin Care in Winter , Winter Skin Care Tips

Every bride dream is to look perfect in her wedding day. Skin care is closely associated with the perfect look of the bride. Proper and appropriate skin care can transform the dream into reality. Winter season requires more care for skin because of dryness and cold waves. During the winter cold air, wind and dryness ate the three factors that give a dull and dry skin. Which is very harmful and worse thing for a bride to be. She should take extra care of her skin during winter in order to prevent dullness and dryness of the skin before her D- day.


Sometime, most of the brides involved in other preparation of the wedding and hardly get time in taking care of the skin. But this situation should be avoided and dedicate some amount of time towards skin care for bride to be in all season and need some more efforts specially in winter season.


Skin Care Tips for Winters , Skin Care in Winter , Winter Skin Care Tips
Skin Care Tips for Winters , Skin Care in Winter , Winter Skin Care Tips

Made some changes in your skin care regime

Cleanser that you use in summer may not be favorable to use in winter season. Miler cleanser is great choice to feel comfortable. While taking shower us warm water instead of hot water as it can decrease natural oil of the body and pamper you skin with a little coconut oil before bath to heal dryness and chaps. Use a creamy soap or boy wash that renders suppleness to your skin. Pat dry and do not rub.


Moisturizers and cold creams are a must in the winters. Apply moisturizer abundantly while skin is still wet. For those with particularly dry skin applying moisturizer 2 – 3 times a day can really help to retain moisture in skin. Use good night cream moisturizer before going to bed at night.


Never forget to exfoliate your skin once in a week or if feel like then -3 time in a week. Always try to avoid alcohol based cosmetic products to your skin.


Drink plenty of water

Your skin care is not only depends on external care but also on internal in take. Dehydration cause dryness and tight feeling on the skin. So it is important to take enough water in a day to hydrate your skin. Water plays an important role in keeping your skin alive. A good amount of water helps in retaining the moisture of your skin as well keeping skin problems at bay. Taking 8 glass of water may bring wonderful changes in your skin before wedding.


Physical exercise and relaxation

Regular physical exercises increase blood circulation and help in delivering more nutrients to your skin cells. It will also boost collagen production; a natural skin saver. Taking relax is also important in pre wedding period. Wedding brings lots of stress and chaos, so it is important to relax and sleep in adequate amount in order to keep ark circles and wrinkles at bay.


Get the suitable moisturizer for your skin Regular use of moisturizer is most important thing. Get a moisturizer which contain sunscreen even in winter season also. Moisturizer helps in retaining moisture and water content on your skin. Sun burn or damage is irreparable so it is important to take prevention again the harsh rays of the sun. To avoid flaking and peeling skin, moisturizer is a must. If you really want to get the dream look on your wedding ay then you must follow the above mentioned guidelines to take proper care of your skin in winter season.


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