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For centuries, women have used simple, all natural, tropical ingredients for their beauty recipes. Recipe ingredients consisted of fruits, rose petals, nuts, milk, yogurt, honey, neem, clay, sandalwood, and most of all, ayurvedic herbs.

Skin, the largest organ of our body, is one of the first things that attract the attention of others. While some are genetically blessed with great skin, there is a vast majority who is prone to a range of problems like acne, pimples, scars, blemishes and the like. While buying any kind of skin care products, it’s necessary to first know your skin type. Skin care products will work best only if they are matched with their own skin type. Though, nowadays, there are a wide range of cosmetic treatments like Botox, collagen injections, etc to treat the skin, going the natural way is the best option. Simple kitchen ingredients can be used with great effect to prevent the outbreak of wrinkles, pimples, acnes and other skin disorders. Scroll down the article to learn more about the skin care at home ideas, home beauty secrets and natural beauty recipes for home skin care.

Skin Care Treatment
Skin Care Treatment

Diet can play a big part in sensitive skin break outs. A healthy diet (containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables) will help skin look healthy. People with sensitive skin should pay attention to their diet and take note if any foods seem to trigger a sensitive skin reaction. Even some healthy foods may cause a reaction in some people, so do not discount these when you look at possible triggers. Hot and spicy foods are particularly likely to cause a negative effect.

People with healthy skin should also drink lots of water, which will help keep their skin hydrated. When skin is adequately hydrated, it is healthier and better able to fight off skin irritations.

Herbal remedies are very good for sensitive skin, because they are free from the harsh chemicals that can cause skin problems. Generally, products that contain natural ingredients will be better for your skin and less likely to cause a sensitive skin reaction. Try the following remedies for some special sensitive skin care.

Acne Skin

No one is spared by acne and pimples! Women, men and teenagers across the world have been suffering from this skin problem since ages. But acne is not just skin deep. Studies have shown that acne, apart from physical effects, it also leads to several psychological problems like low self-esteem, depression mood-swings and feeling of unworthiness. Hence, it becomes even more important to deal with acne right from the first breakout.

Some Best Tips for Acne Skin

Always follow your doctors recommendation, & remember it is a good idea too

Wash your face 2 times a day with a gentle soap and after strenous exercise or any activity that causes you to sweat. (Use a fresh towel daily — a damp towel or sponge can grow bacteria).

Attempt to keep your hands off your face, and wash your hands often because we tend to unconsciously touch our faces.

Keep your hair out of your face especially if you ad moisurizes, gels or other oily products to your hair.

Wear sunscreen SPF 20 or higher, but attempt to stay away from oil based sunscreens (usually the higher the spf the more likely the product is oil based).

Do not pick or scratch acne, you can spread the bacteria to uninfected skin, and you can cause permanent scarring.

Watch your stress level, attempt to have quiet time or routine exercise built into each day to keep your stress down.

Pay attention to foods that cause you to break out, and don’t eat them. Keep a journal of medicines that don’t work when you are on antibiotics or other medications so you can inform your doctor.

If you where makeup change your applicator, sponges, and brushes frequently because they can hold bacteria.

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