Primary steps for daily skin care

Primary steps for daily skin care | Tips for daily skin care.


When it comes to skin care this is the exact reaction everybody has on their faces,including me at times,yet everybody is conscious about how they look(even guys to an extend) . What if I tell you it takes only 5 mins in morning and another 5 mins at night to good care of your skin? Yes it takes only 10 mins out of  24 hrs.  daily.First, let us see,


The skin is a living, breathing organ that reflects the body’s general state of health, irrespective of what skin care products you choose to use.Infact skin is the largest organ of the body.It protects and covers the internal organs of the body.It is as similar as a gift wrapper, if the wrapper looks boring and dull, we feel the gift might be boring as well.Similarly if your skin doesn’t  appear good, others feel you are ill.Many of them start taking care of skin, only when they have skin problems/ concerns, which is too late sometimes.However, if we start taking care of our skin right from the beginning, we will prevent many skin problems in long run..And, more than that, who doesn’t want to look good ?There is nobody who doesn’t look in mirror even once in a day (especially women).


In morning-

Cleansing – Just keep a Face wash/ cleanser which suits your skin (and which makes your skin feel good) in your bathroom and while you take a bath you can just wash your face with it without spending extra time  on it, separately.(Do not use soap on face as facial skin is delicate and soaps harm it in long run). Toning- Then  take a toner on cotton wool, then dab it on your skin(Wipe your skin dry after cleansing then do the toning).This will just take another min. of yours.Then just after your bath,


Moisturising/ Sunscreen – After you are done with cleansing, toning( just after your bath),you can apply a moisturizer ( if skin is oily, use a water based moisturizer)Or you can directly apply a sunscreen/ sun block,  if you feel your skin doesn’t require moisturising.This entire process will not take more than 5 mins. approx..Similarly,


In Night-

Cleansing – Before you sleep, cleanse your face with a face wash/ cleanser,as it will take it will remove all the dirt, dust and make up from your skin.Never sleep with make up on your face however tired you are.It is very important to cleanse your face before you sleep as your body(including skin) grows, undergoes changes(repairing,regeneration of cells) while you rest/ sleep.Toning-dab a toner.This will just take a minute or two again.After that,


Moiturising- You need not apply a sunscreen at night but always apply a night cream/ lotion/serum as per your skin type which will help in repairing your skin or will maintain the moisture of your skin(so that when your skin is undergoing changes when you sleep these product aid in improvement of your skin).Again this process will also take another 5 mins. approx. of yours.


Some more important tips:

Chronic dehydration will lead to dry wrinkly skin. So if your skin is dehydrated, use a hydrating night cream after you cleanse your skin at night.


Many people say , ‘we do facials /clean ups regularly at our salon, do we still have to do the daily skin care routine? Yes .It is as simple as ,if we fast for a day or two,in a month  and eat all  junk and high calorie food for rest of the month.Will that help?


You should also use a scrub,only if you don’t have acne( pimple)and a mask,according to your skin type and your skin’s requirement,Once a week.( May be on a Sunday when you are at leisure, you can spend extra 10 mins for your skin)


It’s not that this routine will help you completely to take care of your skin(100%) but will help you almost 50%. For the rest half you have to get regular facials, clean ups or some salon services as per your skin requirement.


In addition, it is very important for you to take care of your diet. Eat healthy.Because if there is a deficiency or a problem internally it won’t help externally much.


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